Moto Max

▸ Help Max find his way out of an abandoned town and get back to safety! ◂

Swipe your finger left, right or down to avoid the obstacles in this endless driving motorbike game. Collect coins and use them to buy powerful upgrades and power-ups to help complete each mission and earn a high score.

The longer you drive the faster the motorbike travels. Can you handle the speed?

During the run you can pick up the following power-ups to help you in your run::
⦁ Shield – Protects you against one crash.
⦁ Nitro – Allows you to jump high in the air to avoid obstacles on the ground.
⦁ Magnet – Attract all the coins to you without touching them!
⦁ 2x Coin – Doubles your picked up Coins and rewards you higher score.

The main goal is to attain the highest score possible, competing with friends and family and players from all over the world. In order to get the highest scores, you must complete all levels to max out the score multiplier.

Each level is split into 3 missions, complete the missions to progress to the next level. As you progress through the levels, you increase your score multiplier, allowing you to reach a higher score in each run.



Game Features

High definition graphics look beautiful on tablets and smartphones
Dynamic, challenging missions keep the gameplay fresh and exciting
A wide range of dangerous obstacles to overcome
Collect crazy power-ups to help achieve the highest score possible
Explore different environments; suburban, farm, mountains and city